Audi Ai Race – Audi’s Another Trailblazing Concept

audi ai race concept

The Audi AI Race formerly called as PB18 because of its ground-breaking appearance for Pebble Beach 2018 is a concept hyper car that has turned several heads with its moving seating and steering wheel system.

The year, 2019 has been amazing as it has unlocked several mysteries and made great discoveries in the automotive world with time. Audi’s legacy will continue to empower people in 2020 too.

The recently released concept of the Audi AI Race proves the world that the future belongs to Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning with fully autonomous systems and advanced features.

This AI incorporated hypercar demonstrates a stunning piece of art and joins the lists of the world’s coolest car production.

The concept car includes three electric motors with a capability of 670 hp and the strength to cover 0-60 mph within three seconds.

With an 800-volt charging power and 310 miles range, the car charges fully in fifteen minutes-an an ideal time for the road escapers.

The best part about this car is the epic sliding driver’s seat which enables drivers to choose their own seating arrangement and drive as they feel comfortable. The car even looks cool from the inside and can be defined as one of the most elegant cars ever made in the history of cars.

For the first time, Audi is presenting a design and technical concept car at Pebble Beach Automotive Week in Monterey, California. The all-electric Audi AI:RACE presents a radical vision for the high-performance sports car of tomorrow.

The Design:

The vision of Audi represents a dynamic race car with modern concepts and high-tech capabilities that can create an exclusive road experience for its lovers. The design resembles a coupe and reminds of a shooting brake concept.

It’s comfortable, broad, and easy to drive without any complex systems. The inner monologue can slide laterally as it is center-positioned that can facilitate the solo-driving experience.

The exterior and interior both are created with a high degree of usability while accommodating a potential passenger seat too.

The Exterior:

The light-weight car accompanied by a light battery describes the power mechanics and aerodynamics of the car in the slightest way possible. The car is 4.53 meters long, 1.15 meters tall and 2 meters wide with a wheelbase of 2.70 meters.

The sloping roofline incorporates gigantic C-pillars while the rear window is almost vertical from the sideways.  The car also integrates fully-customized luggage set to fit some cargo space segregated with compartments good for keeping a helmet and a racing kit.

The Interior:

The seats are incorporated with little side-doors and the interior of the car exhibits modern features with maximum efficiency. The driving seat which is positioned in the center can slide according to the choice of the driver while creating space for a passenger too.

Other than that, the car is loaded with power-packed options and an optimized steering wheel.

The Final Outlook:

This concept car will drive madness on the roads as it offers a competitive design with ultra-driving dynamics that can easily put other hyper cars into a worrisome state.

This brand new AUDI AI concept is on its way to create a visible driving experience for the world through its strong presence and powerful brand image.