Jaguar Electrifies – The Future Is Here

Jaguar Electrifies

Jaguar launches its first I-PACE concept car for an electrifying experience.

I-PACE concept offers a super-electric all in one package that allows people to witness their first electric car experience with their families. Jaguar even hosted multiple competitions and events around different parts of the world with the hashtag ‘Jaguarelectrifies’ to introduce people with this visionary concept.

Jaguar’s new and futuristic concept car was first revealed in an Augmented-setting followed by Los Angeles Roadshow and FUORSIALONE 2018. It represented a bold perspective that opened new horizons for the automotive industry in terms of mobility and efficiency.

The concept was followed by a national tour that was attended by many honorable guests and celebrities.


Sérgio JimenezJaguar I-PACE eTROPHY PRO Champion Season 1

The tour provided multiple engaging and entertainment activities to people while enabling them to experience the new Jaguar vehicle by themselves and with their families.

It was more like an advertising campaign that helped people understand more about Jaguar’s bold perspective and future concept through endorsing the whole Jaguar electrifies experience.

The main highlight of the whole experience was the fully-electric I-PACE SUV that created a long-lasting impact on the people attending the event. Jaguar even launched a competition that involved an interactive driving experience for the participants.

Further, the brand offered cutting-edge technology and implemented VR concepts to enhance customers’ experiences while promoting the whole event and campaign on social media too.


The concept features an all-electric vehicle with great versatility and five-seat SUV characteristics. The design is cab-forward and demonstrates high-mobility with a futuristic concept. It has a 90kWh lithium-ion battery pack with a range of 220 miles approx.

The interior and exterior design of the car exhibits cutting-edge technology combined with luxury. The integral link rear suspension offers a great control regime with outstanding characteristics. The features and modified control system manages information more efficiently.


The car represents modern aerodynamics and fully-optimized wheels with stability. The front grille promotes extreme efficiency while the LED lights offer smooth looks. With a crisp LED premium option, the lights can enhance the visibility at night for the drivers.

The wheels compliment the design of the car and offer different size options. Overall, the car provides a great sense of movement with a flowing waistline.

The inside of this futuristic car follows a line of modern proportions with a dramatic touch. The design matches the imprints of luxury craftsmanship with fully-anticipated modifications and the first-ever electrical-powered battery that makes the dynamic concept enjoyable and comfortable.

With a range of 220 miles, the design of the five-seat SUV car resembles a Jaguar C-X75 supercar incorporating the specifications of a coupe. The beautiful cabin-like interior includes spacious seats and comfortable seating options.

The rich-atmosphere demonstrates a technology-enabled environment with sophisticated details. The center of the car incorporates a floating console while the seating arrangement provides a cool sports-car setting to passengers.

The laminated glass on the windows and the noise-reducing system in the cabin allows drivers and passengers to relax and have a great time. Further, the car has a high-tech infotainment system that incorporates a touchscreen with setting options.


Jaguar has inspired the world with its innovative ways and dynamic discoveries in the automotive world. The brand has even won the Le Mans competition seven times giving room for more opportunities and success.

Due to its ground-breaking style, the Formula E championship now offers a whole racing platform to electric cars. The street circuit race is one of the world’s biggest events that allow cars to compete with each other within their own units and transmissions.

Nick Rogers, Jaguar’s Engineering Director hopes to develop cars that incorporate advanced road car programs and offers more sustainability and electrification while on the roads.

This next-generation I-PACE concept car offers power-packed features with high-performance and style. With its sweeping fenders, high-tech engineered concepts, and large wheels, the car shook the world with an overall electrifying concept.

This electric-themed Jaguar electrifies and intensifies the experience for the people as it enables them to travel in a five-seat SUV in an exceptional environment.

The advertising campaign and the tour made people believe that I-PACE’s concept is unique and wild at the same time. The experience was anything but ordinary.

As depicted by the audiences, Jaguar executed the perfect strategy and concept that aligned luxury and comfort together to provide a robust experience to people.


From the future’s perspective, the car ignites a tough competition that is hard to resist and impossible to ignore. With the finest refinements and distinctive controllers, the car reflects modern mechanics and amazing aerodynamics to the world.

Not only the car offers great visibility but it also exhibits class and comfort with its spacious cabins and sporty style.

As per Dr. Wolfgang, Jaguar’s design director, the I-PACE concept car offers a pleasurable driving experience with maximum space utilization in the world of potential EVs. This electric vehicle offers the best technology with an uncompromising design.

The designers have even launched a new ‘flight deck’ approach that enhances the driver’s engagement while the floating center console promotes great utility and the attached dashboard creates high-end functionality for users.

With a more focused approach, the car uses simple graphical elements that reflect modern technology trends while improving readability for drivers to follow proper communication.

Apart from the multi-function buttons and interactive interfaces, the car offers efficient torque control with exceptional road characteristics.

Wrapping Up:

The Jaguar electrifies experience and the I-PACE concept has already put several car brands at stake. The launch of an all-electric car has raised the bar for peoples’ expectations and needs.  This valuable addition to the history of cars definitely speaks volumes about the new generations and the future that has yet to come. It will be more electrifying and thrilling than ever.

Therefore, Jaguar’s I-PACE futuristic concept has already set a new benchmark for all the potential EVs and brands. Now it’s time for car brands to move on to electrification and introduce better innovations.