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Insane Horsepower On Board! Volkswagen R Golf 2022 Edition



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Volkswagen is one of the most popular car companies in the world. For more than a decade they have been producing some great cars for their precious audience and fulfilling their demands. There are tons of Volkswagen cars produced and people loved every model.

Source: Motor1

Back in 2020, they introduced the successor of the Volkswagen Golf MK7, the Golf R and it became popular. And now the new Golf R has been introduced with some great features.

But the most important element of this new Golf R is the speed with over 320 HP and it’s incredible to see in Volkswagen’s daily driving car.

Source: Ars Technica

There’s no fancy element added, it’s all usual one with sleek design and comfort for the consumers.

Volkswagen New Golf R – Exterior

In Europe, Volkswagen New Golf R is every young men’s supercar and no doubt it is. Firstly heading to the exterior that looks great and sleek.

Source: Car and Driver

Starting with the front, you have the blue strip across the entire front, and underneath it, you have the light bar.

So, at night time that lights up and looks amazing. The headlights look simple nothing stylish or fancy that overdesign the look.

Source: Car and Driver

Going to the back of the car, you can open the back boot with the Volkswagen logo and you get the spacious room to fit your bags.

Being simple doesn’t make the car special, so there are some little tiny details that can grab everyone’s attention.

At the back, the same Volkswagen badge turns out to be your back view camera and it’s cool. You have to activate it from inside the car otherwise you can’t see it.

Source: J.D Power

Below the logo, you get the R logo a fancy way to show the people that it’s the Gold R series roaming around on the road. R stands for racing and its top-of-the-range Volkswagen golf is even better than GTI.

You also get the Krapovic exhaust pipes and this is part of the sports package. The rear spoiler is actually pretty huge with the space going down which means Volkswagen golf with some downforce.

Source: Gear Junkie

Coming to the taillights you get the IQ lights and it has sequential turn signals that looks impressive. People used to modify these cars for sequential turn signals, but now you can buy them along with them.

Source: Holley

The wheels are great with the blue aluminum brake calipers that also have R branding on them. Compare to the previous one, the front grill also looks much bigger and wider.

 Volkswagen New Golf R – Interior

Hopping inside of the Volkswagen new Gold R and the interior looks incredible in every manner. You have these perforated leather seats with this underlying blue highlight which looks super cool.

Source: Guide Auto

The side of the seats has this carbon fiber style texture although it’s still fabric but looks super cool.

Source: Car Buzz

The steering wheel is also pretty nice, you have this gauge cluster and the infotainment as well.

The overall new Golf R undoubtedly fulfills the demand of the young generation who desire to have a supercar and it offers everything.




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