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Several Surprising Features Of Rivian R1S SUV



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SUVs are dominating vehicle marketing insanely, every month some other automaker releases super SUVs and people are loving them.

Following the trend, Rivian releases the new R1S SUV in the market with super features that will blow your mind.

Source: Car and Driver

To clear the road, there are two versions Rivian has released, R1S which we are going to review and other one called R1T a pick-up Truck.

Another thing’s not an easy car to find, because it’s hard to get your hands on. Rivian portrayed it as an adventure electric car.

Source: Car and Driver

So, one thing is clear it’s been made for off-road and whatever you will see today has to do with nature.

Rivian R1S Electric SUV- Super Features To Check

In terms of exterior design, Rivian R1S is undoubtedly luxurious and premium. The overall exterior design gives an ultimate electric SUV vibe from front to back.

Source: Car and Driver

Rivian designers have gone with a different style of headlights that purely goes with the front design and between the headlights, there’s a light bar that glows while charging.

There’s no doubt, electric cars are doing more experiments and touching the future touch rather than sports cars.

Source: Car and Driver

RIvian R1S is huge and for that, they have also used heavy-duty tyres to have that strong grip on bumpy roads down the hill.

Source: Forbes

The back shape of the car is very angular and square. If you get a closer look at the car, the makers have taken some inspiration from Range Rovers, Tesla, and a little bit from Rolls Royce as well.

One big feature is the charging dock door which opens like a Lamborghini door and it’s something none of the electric car manufacturers has done it before.

Source: Car and Driver

Now coming to the performance center, the standard powertrain is the Dual-Motor setup which makes a combined 600 horsepower and comes standard with all-wheel drive.

With 835 horsepower on tap, the available Quad-Motor powertrain makes the R1S mighty quick, hitting 60 mph in 3.1 seconds at our test track.

Rivian R1S Electric SUV- Interior Worth Checking Out

Another big feature that Rivian took inspiration from Rolls Royce is the hidden umbrella inside the side door. But instead of putting an umbrella, they have inserted a torch and it’s insane.

Source: Car and Driver

Inside you get to notice the reclaimed wood used on the dashboard rather than the typical carbon fiber that most of the makers do.

Source: Car and Driver

Everything inside will make you feel the natural elements usage, premium leather used on the seats for long drives, and special vegan leather.

This year several automakers have already introduced some of the great SUVs, and up till now, BMW revealed the high-performance BMW XM.




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