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World’s Most Expensive Lexus – Lexus LFA



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When you hear luxurious cars, there are tons of names pop up in your head and they are legit luxurious ones. But things are switching where supercars are also involved in luxurious elements and trying to fulfill that demand too.

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Lexus is one of the most popular brands when it comes to luxury and it also comes with a handsome amount of money. They have also involved themselves in the supercar world and been doing great as per the market.

No one can forget, earlier this year Lexus introduced the convertible Lexus LC 500 and it was damn expensive. But that money thing didn’t stop they are here again with the world’s most expensive car “Lexus LFA”.

Source: Autoblog

It’s super amazing, fast, and brilliant in design. It has everything to offer and surely it delivers as well. No fancy grills nothing simple, sleek design that attracts every Lexus lover out there.

So without wasting more time, let’s kick things off and jump into this expensive vehicle of the year till now.

Lexus LFA – World’s most expensive supercar’s exterior

Talking about the exterior the whole body has been covered by carbon fiber, not like some areas the whole thing and if you get a closer look you can feel it. With this beast, you get 20inch rims that are super insane and adds value.

Source: Goodauto

The front side looks super cool with the clean design, with the little open area under the bonnet for the airflow and the headlines are sick.

Talking about the performance, under the hood you naturally aspirated V10 that produces 553 Horsepower and it’s co-developed with YAMAHA which makes this whole thing completely incredible.

Source: Autogespot

Supercar Blondie one of the most popular YouTubers in the car review community got the leverage to review this piece.

Going back to the Lexus LFA, it’s super cool with the grills on each side of the taillights that give an impressive look.

From the side, it gives you a full-on beastly look with the triple triangular exhaust which is made out of titanium.

Source: Autogespot

Another interesting fun fact, this beautiful expensive car took 10 years to be made and it utilized the years fairly. And only 500 Lexus LFA have been made.

Lexus LFA – Interior

There’s the reason Lexus produce expensive cars and you cannot argue because the material and things they add it has a purpose.

The moment you enter inside the car you witness the perfection and there’s a clear reason behind everything they have added to it.

Source: YouTube

First and foremost the seats are premium. It gives you a sporty look because it’s designed in that manner and the quality of the leather is unexplainable. The center console is also simple and steady nothing fancy element added.

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The steering wheel is kind of designed keeping in mind a sports car with so many functions with a simple design. Inside the car, you might also see a lot of usage of carbon fiber that’s no surprise at all.

This world’s expensive car cost you around $1 Million and people are buying it which makes things even super cool.




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