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High-Performance Tiny Crossover! Hyundai Kona N



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Hyundai is one of the most promising and old famous vehicles that’s been around for decades.

Looking at every other vehicle out there, Hyundai also decides to have modern-day-looking cars that fulfill customers’ demands and styles.

Source: Carscoops

Early this year, Hyundai already grabbed everyone’s attention with their all-electric IONIQ 5, and believe it or not it’s spectacular.

Source: Auto123

And Hyundai is back with the new modern model “Kona N” which is rather odd that’s because this is a sub-compact cross-high-performance model which is something that nobody has offered up till now.

So, today we are going to have a detailed tour of this sub-compact crossover vehicle, from exterior design to performance core.

Hyundai Kona N – Exterior & Performance To Look At

Hyundai Kona N is based on the standard model which competes with the mainstream like Honda HRV and Mazda CX-30.

Source: YouTube

But when it comes to Hyundai Kona there’s nothing about mainstream, because it’s a high-performance car with 276 HP and that’s insane. Why? Because none of its rivals offer this far.

Hyundai Kona N is a weird high-performance car because up till now all the high-performance SUVs fall in the main large expensive vehicles and this one doesn’t.

Source: Car and Driver

Getting to the design, there’s nothing fancy at all about this vehicle and that’s where the weird word comes in.

In front, you get the big grill and standard headlights designed in such a way that goes with the overall exterior makeover.

Source: Car and Driver

Surely, the front and back give a sporty vibe the way it’s been designed.

The back looks super aggressive the way it’s been designed, from taillights to trim lines that are noticeably placed above the diffusers and higher than the rest of the car.

Source: Our Auto Expert

Kona N comes standard with 19-inch wheels wrapped in Pirelli P-Zero performance summer tires

In a performance manner, Kona N uses the Veloster N’s 276-hp turbocharged inline-four with an over-boost function that temporarily dispatches an additional 10 horsepower to the front wheels.

Hyundai Kona N – Interior

The moment you get inside the Kona N, you notice the N badge branding inside the car and that’s weird. From the seat back to the door sill.

Source: Hyundai of Monakato

Another noticeable thing is the stitching, blue performance stitching which is Hyundai’s special color.

Source; Carbuzz

When it comes to comfortable seating, Hyundai Kona N gives you the pretty hugging bolstered which looks like sporty racing seats but not with the material used.

You also get a 10.25-inch infotainment touchscreen and a steering wheel with various function buttons on it. The blue stitching can also be seen on the steering wheel leather as well.




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