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Chinese So-Called Luxury SUV! Hongqi E-HS9



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Have you ever thought of having a Chinese car brand produce an electrifying luxurious SUV? No right, but it’s happening and one of the biggest Chinese giants has decided to enter into the world of electric SUVs and surely they know how to pull it off.

Source: Hongqi

Hongqi E-HS9 is a full luxurious electric SUV and the exterior design looks gorgeous. But if you are into supercars or SUVs then you might notice an important thing in the entire exterior.

It looks like the makers have taken inspiration from the luxurious God Rolls Royce and Lincoln.

Source: Auto Data

There are various quirks and features Hongqi E-HS9 holds in it. Let’s explore this new addition to the SUV world and check its premium elements.

Hongqi E-HS9 – Luxurious Exterior & Performance

Hongiqi E-HS9 delivers an exclusive design that highlights the special elements and eye-catching use of materials.

Source: Alibaba

In the front, you get to see the large grill and it looks like Rolls Royce purely. Above the grill, Hongqi might have taken some real inspiration from Lincoln as it also looks very familiar to it.

Apart from that, you get the lower headlight unit right there and the upper LED daytime running light as well.

Source: YouTube

To add the cherry on top, above the daytime LED, there’s a strip of another LED that goes down to the grill. All of the lights look classic once it is turned on and no doubt they’re worth checking out.

Source: Motor1

If you look at the size of the front bonnet, it’s massive compared to other SUVs out there.

With that size, 21-inch wheels don’t look like a perfect choice to fit it. You also get the flash handle doors and if you move closer you get the grill type of design beside the side door which is a LED light.

Source: Auto Discoveries

And when you turn it on, these lights let you know the status of your SUV’s battery and it’s super cool.

Source: Motor1

At the back, you get the massive trunk space where even if you open the third seat row you get plenty of space to store your stuff.

Talking about the backlights, there’s nothing much to discuss because the makers have kept Hongqi E-H29 very simple with no fancy stuff.

Source: Motor1

There’s nothing understated about this car, from its 5209mm length and 2010mm width to its imposing grille. The lines overall are largely conventional, with nothing giving away its EV nature.

The investment doesn’t seem like doing justice to the SUV, because it doesn’t have that style or futuristic element like Vinfast VF8 has.

Hongqi E-HS9 – Something About Interior

Visually Honqi E-HS9’s interior is appealing and impressive. But when it comes to material wise, it didn’t live up to the expectations.

Source: Motor1

Unlike Rolls Royce SUVs and other luxurious cars, interiors gather everyone’s attention from every point.

Source: Motor1

The leather of the quilted seats is synthetic in parts and the padding around the center console cubbyhole doors is too thin. Equally, the wood veneer on the center console appears to be fake.

It’s disappointing to see that the makers didn’t invest enough in the car where comfort plays an important role for every rider out there.




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