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Ferrari Unveils First Four-Seater “PUROSANGUE”



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Like every other vehicle, Ferrari one of the most popular supercar manufacturers in the world has also jumped into the world of SUVs and decided to introduce their first-ever SUV beast.

No kidding, Ferrari has taken a step ahead in terms of competing with their competitors, and the moment they announced it things went out of hand. Because up till now they have received over 2,000 pre-orders.

Source: Motor1

It’s the first time Ferrari has introduced a four-door four-seater and it looks amazing in every aspect. And what do you call it? You call her “FERRARI PUROSANGUE”. Ferrari Purosangue is incredible and looks like looks gorgeous.

It holds the modern era design and performance also up to the mark. Performance is one of the key elements, after all it’s Ferrari’s SUV.


Ferrari Purosangue was unveiled for the first time and it’s the most anticipated Ferrari car that people have been waiting for it.

Source: Motor1

Just like its premium design, the price is also phenomenal as it cost you around $390,195.

For those who don’t know, it’s the full cross of the company’s most utilitarian model in its 75-year history with four doors, four seats, and a 473-liter (125-gallon) trunk that will hit showrooms next year.

Source: Motor1

No doubt, Purosangue gives Ferrari a break from the top-speed supercars and focuses on producing versatile vehicles for the people.

As people have been calling it SUV, Chief Executive Officer Benedetto Vigna told reporters in Maranello, “Please don’t call it an SUV, because it isn’t,” northern Italy. “It’s a Ferrari.”

Source: Motor1

The exterior of the Purosangue is phenomenal, different, and stylish. From the front side, the headlights are exceptional and give an aggressive vibe.

CEO surely right, it doesn’t look like an ordinary SUV because it’s unique in every aspect.

Source: Motor1

Coming to the performance, as mentioned it’s a beast in every manner. The mid-front mounted, naturally aspirated, 715-horsepower V12 and automatic transmission will get the vehicle to a top speed of 310 kilometers per hour.

Last year, Ferrari released “Ferrari SF90 Stradale” which was purely hybrid and redesigned version.


The interior isn’t the usual ones, although they didn’t go with fancy or anything. Purosangue is outfitted with a set of slick rear-hinged coach-style (also called “suicide”).

Source: Motor1

Front and back both have the center console to operate functions. The seats are of course designed with Ferrari quality materials.

Source: CNN

Fun fact, mostly in such cars the seats aren’t bucketed ones and makers go with luxury ones. But here front and back both have bucket seats meaning there’s no bench in the back for an occasional fifth passenger.

Source: Motor

One more thing you might notice is that there’s no infotainment screen in front. But there is a 10.2-inch digital gauge cluster and a separate 10.2-inch screen for the front passenger.

No doubt, Ferrari came with a bang and released one of their most-awaited vehicles in style.




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