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Buick Got Wings! The Future Of Buick’s Wildcat EV’



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Buick is one of the most popular supercar manufacturers in the world and has produced some of the most insane supercars in the market.

Source: Car Connection

Following the path of every other automobile maker out there, Buick has come up with the most stylish and modern design car that grabbed everyone’s attention.

Source: YouTube

Brand new Buick Wildcat and it has some great features that we are going to explore in a bit. With the exterior design, there’s no doubt it looks exceptional and gorgeous.

Source: New and Used Car Reviews

The Buick Wildcat EV concept is a pure design study that indicates the brand’s future styling direction. But fun fact, unlike others, this car has wings and it’s super cool.

Buick Wildcat EV – Performance and Concept Design

For those who don’t know, the name Wildcat has been reserved for all the Buick concept cars, these are the cars that show the future of Buick. That’s the whole concept design that we are all going to see in the production car.

Source: TopGear

Buick has also redesigned and created a brand new logo that’s going to be placed on upcoming all Buick models.

Source: WardAuto

At the back, one of the most interesting things about this car is the taillights which look exceptionally unique the way it’s been designed.

It goes from tail to up to the rear windscreen and it’s super cool.

You also get the coolest wheels on the planet, 18 spokes, and 22-inch wheels that look incredibly shiny. These are custom-made tyres and that’s why they look perfect.

Source; Car and Driver

Now the front is where you get the coolest headlights here, apart from that everything in front looks beautiful. There’s one thing you notice, the giant grill which is another design feature we are going to see in production models.

Coming to the performance, you could have a 100.0-kWh Ultium battery pack on its floor and a driving range of more than 300 miles; both single- and dual-motor models will likely be offered.

Source; Car and Driver

Buick aims to produce fully electric EVs by 2030 and let drivers experience the ultimate electric vehicle ride in the smoothest manner possible.

Back in 2021 at SEMA Auto Show, Buick’s futuristic cars have been discussed and the company revealed its projects.

Buick Wildcat EV – Interior Design Concept

The interior of Buick Wildcat is fully futuristic and it’s unimaginable with the design that designers have created.

Source: Motor1

Inside you get so much space to spread out your legs and enjoy the ride most comfortably.

Everything inside is not fixed and designed like they are floating in the air which gives a pure futuristic vibe overall.

Source; Motor1

And the seats are also floating with the premium design that goes with the overall interior. There’s nothing that you can avoid in this car.

A lot of concept car models have been revealed this year and apart from Wildcat, Cadillac Celestiq also captured everyone’s attention.




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