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Design & Luxury All Together With BMW iX SUV



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BMW is one of the most demanding cars in the world. That’s the reason they produce exclusive cars every year for their loyal customers out there. Every celebrity, sportsman owns at least one BMW because it holds a style statement in itself.

Source: Google

This year already BMW produced something classic sports car to give the proper tribute to the original 3.0 CSL Race Car. BMW fans were digesting the happiness of this beautiful classic racing car and after few months they brought a new one.

Source: Wikipedia

BMW iX gets the world premiere in Germany. It looks outstanding in every manner and delivers quality performance. BMW tried to change their line and went with big cars. Because nowadays people do demand big cars and branded ones.

So car manufacturers like BMW, Mercedes, etc. are heading towards producing SUVs and big cars. That’s what BMW decided to bring for their customers.

BMW iX SUV World Premier – All Electric

This BMW iX SUV is all-electric. YES! BMW went with full-on hybrid mode and decided to launch a fully electric functional SUV. One of the interesting features of the design is the front area, where you see two shiny kidney grills with the new design.

Source: Motortrend

One of the coolest features is that the design of the grill is self-healing means if a scratch occurs it will remove it with the attraction of heat.

Going to the back of the car looks wide. It’s great from the back and looks classic, the backlights even look great with the sleek design.

Source: Forbes

BMW iX has the thinnest tail light in any BMW car ever. Another interesting thing about this car, as the tail light is incorporated if you open the back trunk, you get another set of tail lights too.

BMW thought to change their area and go with full electric. They are also pushing their production line to produce all-electric cars in the upcoming three years.

BMW iX Interior

Inside you get more exceptional features, the moment you open the door the interior looks amazing. There’s no need to look forward or back to pull your seat.

Source: YouTube

On the door, you get crystal functional buttons in which you get the seat adjustment toggle too.

Okay, one thing you need to keep in mind. If you want that seat adjustment toggle on the door then you need to pay a little bit more.

Source: YouTube

BMW tried to do something different with the steering wheel too. They redesigned the steering wheel in hexagonal shape for the first time for BMW iX which looks incredible and new.

The car doesn’t only look bigger from the outside, it gives you more space from inside too.

Source: The Verge

Apart from the steering wheel what’s a more interesting component in the BMW iX is the infotainment screen. Long curved HD display that gives you leverage to see everything.

The seats also got some luxury with the new material that gives you a jeans sort of vibe. BMW iX steals the show overall. From design to its functionality and producing a fully electric SUV.




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