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End Of The Line V10! Audi R8 High-End Model 2022



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Almost half of 2022 has come to an end and many of the elite automakers have produced some of the insane supercars that grabbed everyone’s attention.

Audi is one of them and no doubt in 2022 they have revealed great supercars that hold out-of-the-box specs that showcased incredible performance.

Source: Car and Driver

Audi R8 was considered a mid-engine supercar in 2021. But guess what it’s back with the ultimate power of performance that holds V10. Yes! It’s highly insane and Audi pushed themselves to the limit.

Source: YouTube

This beauty with the beast engine can go up to 600 HP for now. Audi also stated that the next generation R8 is going all electric. So for the next edition, V10 will be gone but for now, it’s available.

Source: YouTube

Today we are going to check out the quirks and features of this mega R8 which turned itself from mid to end of the line.

Audi R8 – Supreme Performance & Exterior

Audi R8 has gone through a lot of changes since 2000, even the last R8 mid-engine released that gained popularity among its consumers.

Source: Car Scoops

In 2022, you get the option to get a rear-wheel drive or all-wheel drive model and a coupe or convertible.

That’s a rear-wheel drive which exactly means it has a starting price of around $150,000 and 560 horsepower.

Source: Motor1

Before heading to the performance let’s check out the exterior design that gives a pure rear-wheel drive vibe and it looks awesome.

Source: Motor1

The backside of thee the car, you get to see a long grill that goes with the whole design element. The taillights give you an aggressive V10 vibe and down there you have two powerful diffusers.

The front looks stunning as it takes the whole show apart from the V10. It’s fully updated in and out. The massive front grill and two headlights look perfect with the front design.

Source: Motor1

You also get to see carbon fiber work on the car that’s somehow reducing the weight to make it faster.

One of the odd things to notice is that the door window doesn’t roll down as it stays as it is. That’s something you never see.

Source: Motor1

Coming to the performance, The V10 produces 562 horsepower and 406 pound-feet of torque with the rear-drive setup, a decrease of 40 hp and 7 lb-ft compared to the R8 Quattro. Believe it or not V10 is the main showstopper of the car and it takes the whole limelight of the car.

Audi R8 – Interior

Enough of the performance and exterior talk let’s get inside the car. The first you notice inside the car is that there’s no center screen and it’s different looking at the current models which have a definite screen fixed in the center.

Source: Motor1

The seats are bucket comfortable ones with premium leather and look perfect. One thing to notice is that R8 is driver focus and there are some great things inside that go in that direction.

Source: Carbuzz

The steering wheel especially gives the ability the driver to change the gauge cluster screen layout and view with the buttons placed on the steering wheel.

Audi R8 2022 edition with V10 undoubtedly holds a special place, it’s been updated and little odd stuff added but overall it’s a beauty with the end-of-the-line engine.




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