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A Roadster With A Drone, Polestar Electric Roadster Concept Car



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Earlier this year, several incredible concept cars have been revealed that blew our minds with unique features and futuristic technologies.

Following the same concept lane, we have something more interesting than the previous ones and this one has a drone as well.

Source: Inside EVs

You heard it right, we bring you “Polestar Electric Roadster” a concept car that looks purely futuristic and holds some great features to grab your attention.

It’s the very first time we also got the chance to look at it very closely and go through every inch of this future masterpiece.

Source: Car and Driver

It’s electric, that’s obvious because of every other supercar switching their lane to an electric road and it’s worth it.

Polestar Electric Roadster’s exterior design undoubtedly steals the show with premium aesthetics and exclusivity.

Polestar Electric Roadster – Future Performance & Exterior

There’s no surprise Polestar has been iconic when it comes to design and performance. Especially in design that captivates everyone’s attention and exhibits the gorgeous piece.

Source: Car and Driver

Even YouTube’s one of the most popular YouTube channels “Supercar Blondie” got her hands on it first.

Before getting specs and details just take a moment to appreciate this beautiful metal creature.

Source: Car and Driver

 Let’s get to the coolest details, looking at the front and it’s perfectly futuristic. Talking about the headlights, you get the L-shaped ones and kind of reflective side ones down beneath the upper one.

Down there you get to see the tech sensor with the text “Smart Zone” and it will be heated in the winter season to avoid any damage and melt down the snow.

Source: Car and Driver

The wheels are different, with more openings surprisingly because other electric future cars have more closed-off wheels and it’s purely unique.

This year lot of concept cars were revealed and the Cadillac Celestiq concept is one of the futuristic cars.

One thing needs to be cleared up, whatever you are seeing right now it’s all concept, and by 2026 this car will be on the road. And most importantly only 500 will be the special LA Version.

Source: Car and Driver

At the back, we get the sleek and classy rear lights, and down there quite a big rear diffuser. The rear diffuser design is based on aerospace technology as per the makers because the automakers wanted to make it as sleek and efficient as possible.

Polestar Electric Roadster – Defining Interior

Polestar Electric Roadster will come with a hard top and it’s up to the driver whether to have it or not.

Source: Archibald

The interior looks spectacular and clean in every manner. In one word, “minimalistic”. Because no over-added elements are included.

Source: Top Gear

Premium quality steering wheel with a simple design and beside you get to see a big vertical screen. The seats look very much futuristic from a design perspective and are worth it.

The Polestar Electric Roadster concept is undoubtedly mind-blowing in every manner, from the exterior to interior design everything slim and sassy.




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