The Future of the Smart Cars- Smart EQ ForTwo shares a Modern Ride-sharing Concept

smart eq coupe fortwo

Transforming the tiny EV concept, the EQ ForTwo is a small dimensional car that creates an ultimate driving experience for two ride-sharing people. With an ultra-modern and single-speed transmission electric motor, the fully-autonomous car provides a luxurious experience to the two passengers without encompassing any driver’s seat.

With updated styling revisions to the previous EV, 2019 paves way for smarter solutions and alternatives to ride-sharing experiences for people in the form of smart EQ. Unveiling the concept, the smart electric car offers a refreshing look with upgraded visual settings and smart features.

The car has a funky appearance. The car has a distinctive center console with huge compartments and a dual-cup holder. The cabin has a unique infotainment system that is user-friendly and incorporates a mutual-music playlist system that automatically detects the same songs from both the passengers’ playlist and plays them during their ride in the town.

The Exterior:

The car’s electric motor covers 80hp and runs 0-62 mph in 11.6 seconds. It contains a lithium-ion battery and takes almost two and a half hours to charge around 80%. It can cover distance worth 100 miles if charged fully with a conventional wall box. Further, it can take up more than 6 hours if you use a domestic socket. The car also contains a fully-frosted system that covers the glass doors with frosts while blocking the viewers outside from seeing the inside of the car. The overall exterior of the car is cool and provides a relaxing view of the passengers sharing the car.

The Interior:

smart eq coupe

The inside of this ultra-modern machine represents a cool dashboard. The front displays battery status and an infotainment screen that shows the supplementary information to the passengers. Though the car is tiny it has an impressive interior design with great quality material and luxury features. The smartphone app integrated with the system allows passengers to view the car’s charging status while enjoying a mutually-favorite music playlist.

The Driving Experience:

smart eq coupe

This small smart car with two-seater can be the next future car for all the ride-sharing applications as it offers a high-tech driving experience to the passengers with modern infotainment and user-friendly system. This futuristic concept can be a bit challenging in terms of providing reliability and safety to passengers but with great reassurance, it can definitely hold a super-dynamic position in the face of modern-luxury cars.

Final Outlook:

The Smart EQ car is quite an expensive one costing around £16,000. However, it offers several advanced features too. With an amazing interior and exterior that includes LED running lights, a smartphone app, a modern infotainment system, pre-programmable air-conditioning, and a distinguished center console, the car can generate a heavy competition in the world of cars with innovative concepts as its modern ride-sharing concept can spark revolutionary thoughts to some creative bones while establishing a doorway to the future.

So, if you’re planning to experience this ride yourself, make sure that you’re ready for a fully-autonomous experience.