Mercedes Benz EQS concept-The Visionary Electric S-Class of Tomorrow

Mercedes benz EQS

Introducing as what may be the future in 2020, Mercedes Benz uncovers its brand new mystery concept in Frankfurt’s motor show 2019. The new addition to the S-Class EQS concept is a futuristic car that can promise comfort and luxury with a fully-electric touch.

This high-powered battery-enabled vehicle will continue the legacy of the Mercedes-Benz S-class family with the highest degree of electrification and intensive-looking elements with a design that might carry a deeper value.

The new S-class 2020 reveals the bits and pieces of this modern-day car concept in a conceptualization form. The EQS concept represents an elegant touch with an integrated hybrid electrical system. The front and rear will exhibit gigantic wheelbases with a low-combustion bodied engine that will control the electric power-trains.

Further, the car will be launched in 2020 but will continue its sales-generation in 2021 while following the 2022 year. Mercedes has officially announced the production of 20 models with the same electrified concept by 2021.

The Exterior:

Mercedes benz EQS

The super hybrid car runs 0-62 mph in just 4.5 seconds with a range of over 400 miles. Unlike most cars, it will charge to 80% within 20 minutes. The 24-inch torque-vectored wheel drive is the future of hybrid cars with a mixture of carbon and steel. Further, it has 220 star-shaped flashing LED lights in the rear.

The shape of the car is broad and represents a Mercedes classic touch with a four-door coupe. The car further runs three new design schemes on the front making it really aerodynamic.

First is its round-shaped elegant design, second is the appearance of thousands of star-shaped LED lights without any rings in the front grille, and the last is the holographic LED lights that project warnings to pedestrians.

“The VISION EQS is a first milestone on the way to a CO₂-neutral mobility of the future. Mercedes-Benz has always stood for technical innovation, responsibility and fascination.”

The Interior:

The all-electric illuminated inside of the concept car is spectacular too as it exhibits spacious and comfortable seats with screens everywhere. The interior looks like a living room floating atmosphere with vibrant and sustainable materials. The pinnacle of luxury, the quality interior is actually composed of animal-free materials.Mercedes benz EQS interior

The microfiber dynamic car’s interior is made up of recycled plastic PET bottles and even the high-grade leather is artificial too. This sums up the whole concept of the car as generating value for the environment and nature lovers as the roof liner fabric will also be made from the plastics collected from the oceans and the wood will be used from the sustainable homegrown maple trees.

The Driving Experience:

Mercedes benz EQS

The car is compared with a conventional Sedan. However, it’s really unique and different from the line of S-class. This new S-class of the future will develop emotional bonding and meaningful connections with its users. It’s a pure work of art with a living-room alike experience.

Final Outlook:

The overall concept of this new Vision EQS is really cool and gives food for a thought a literal meaning while exploring its way into the future. The approach is to create an all-electric future car with sustainable methods and materials.