The incredible Vision Mercedes Maybach Ultimate Luxury

mercedes benz maybach suv Sports Utility Limousine

Just before 2019 strikes to an end, Mercedes showcased its incredible Maybach SUV or better called as the first SUL-Sports Utility Limousine. This unbelievable car is a mind blowing combination of a sedan and SUV. Its intriguing shape is a combination of a SUV from the front till the back seat while the rear is like a boot of limousine connected with SUV.

There is so much to this enigmatic concept car which will drive you insane! 

This opulent four-seated car opens up with fancy extending door handles that come out as you press them. Once you pull the doors open you won’t believe your eyes!

From the rose gold interior to plush cushions, from a heated tray having a complete tea set to the fancy led lights behind the ebony wood embedded doors, this Maybach is an absolute stunner by Mercedes.

“The 2021 Mercedes-Maybach SUV  or SUL-Sports Utility Limousine is an ultra-luxury electric concept vehicle powered by four electric motors and a 80 kWh-battery delivering an approximate range of 310 miles. This ports Utility Limousine is 19 feet long and seats four people, it has 24-inch turbine-style wheels.”

The doors have the typical Mercedes buttons in rose gold colors. The elegant wooden tray appears as you press the button embossed with the symbol of luxury, the double M logo of Maybach. The concept behind having a full length center console featuring a tea set is driven from the Chinese market. Maybachs are very popular in China. Chinese people are fond of tea. So the idea is to enjoy the cup of tea in an ultimately luxurious setting.

The attention to minute details given to this concept car can be gauged by the fact that the Maybach logo is also present at all the air intakes for the first time.

The front has the typical Maybach look featured by the pinstripe suit design as they like to call it. The Mercedes logo serves as the bow-tie on the top of the car adding grace and grandeur to the car.

The car features fascinating 24-inch turbine-like wheels. This fully electric concept car has a huge trunk at the back. Not just that, it also has split front trunk or as they like to call it a frunk!

The storage has been split by a beautiful center line running all the way down the car. This has been truly an innovation never seen before.

This completely electric car has a floor mounted battery having a capacity of 80 kWh. This allows the super car to give over 200 miles of range per EPA. The mammoth car extends to 207 inches in length, 83 inches in width and 69 inches in height.

It has four compact motors that give a total output of 738 horsepower emitted to all of the four wheels. This allows for an electronically capped highest speed of 250 kph.

Eager to hit the road with this masterpiece?

Before you start day dreaming about this car, it is best to know that it is a 2021 concept car. It has certain features that the company wants to integrate into the future Maybach SUV cars but it is difficult to say if the company will showcase all the features right away in the future editions of Maybach. However, there will be a lot of expressions and details inspired from this concept car that will be integrated into Maybach in future.