This car might look like Nisan but it’s a brute of a hyper car. Its model looks like race-car of the street. Moreover, it’s an ultra-exclusive but here the question is why it is called as brutal/ brute of a hyper car? The manufacturer has himself explained its fact which has to be believed. When reading this article you will get to know why it is called a BRUTE.

So if we talk about the power train then you will be wondered to know that the TSR-S offers a fascinating and charming twist on the aerodynamics of the rear wing. The rear wings can be tilt fully upright to break the air at high speed. In the wing fact, it is known as the most sophisticated system.

Zenvo TSR-S has been introduced to be one and only nation car of the company who manufactures it. If we emphasize on the name TSR-S then the thing to notice is why there are two S in the name? As it is heavier than all of its hyper car rivals, so the second S in the name stands for ‘street legal’.

“The TSR-S uses a more powerful version of Zenvo’s in-house developed twin supercharged 5.8-litre V8 high rev racing engine, producing 1177 bhp at 8,500 rpm and a torque of more than 1100 N.m”

Interior and Exterior Design:

The interior is completely driver-focused. The steering wheel features race-inspired switches while the seats are wrapped in Alcantara for a proper grip. Another quality of TSR-S is that it features black anodized aluminum trim, which enhances the racing ambience of the cabin.


It features a dashboard, a console which is placed at the center. The infotainment system is classic and has an Alpine audio system with the connectivity of Bluetooth.

The exterior is different which has come up with extensive modifications to the aerodynamics. At the bumper section, the grill is a bit larger than all of its TSR’s.

There is a reduction in air ducts because it has introduced Bi-LED technology. The wheels are lightweight which adds another feature to its fast racing car.

Driving Experience:

As it was told earlier that it’s a driver-focused car. It has an amazing engine which comes in three modes. Minimum gives you 700hp whereas the Maximum engine gives you full 1,177 hp. The gear also comes in two modes, race and road.


There is no stereo, no air-con, no airbags and no fancy and luxurious electric seat. Moreover, it has variety in power output. It presents a genuine race car experience due to the setup of the dual gearbox.

This car has not exposed its price yet but it has been estimated that it would be the expensive car and one has to be born rich to buy this to have this in its garage.


This extreme design has got fame due to impressive performance and due to artistic technology. The team has done full efforts on sticking the buyer’s national flag.

The manufacturer claims an electronically limited top speed. The car has a claimed 0–100 km/h (62 mph) acceleration time of 3.0 seconds. These performance figures are upgraded to those of its predecessor.