The Visionary Quattro Drive Concept- AUDI AI: TRAIL


Audi AI TRAIL is a trail-blazing off-roader car concept that incorporates four-electric motors with high-tech engineering concepts. The concept is designed to provide an emissions-free experience to the next-gen level leading a busy schedule with multiple tasks at hand.

Audi has completed its quartet colon-punctuated series with the launch of its final AI: TRAIL concept after introducing AI: CON, AI: ME, and AI: RACE. This all-electric car concept exhibited sustainable mobility in the Frankfurt show, 2019.

Audi’s mastermind idea is to implement AI’s concepts combined with off-road capabilities to create a better future.

The vehicle’s brilliant architecture is strikingly beautiful with a glass-surfaced cabin. As the name Trail suggests, this car concept provides a futuristic idea to wanderers who love to explore nature with a clear view.

The glass-enabled body offers great visibility and designing to people so they can have immersive driving experience.

Audi is presenting its concept car Audi AI:Trail at the IAA 2019. The car combines futuristic design with autonomous driving, electric mobility — and a special connection to nature. Join us for a four-wheeled walk through the forest.

“We make mobility possible and use experiences to create an emotional connection to our brand.

 Oliver Keyerleber, Design Project Management Showcar at Audi

The Exterior:

audi ai trail suv

The automakers of AI: TRAIL defines this Audi as a ride that provides off-road terrain and drives maximum comfort and consistency while exploring several beautiful sights. The four-wheel car is fully-equipped with AI-integrated systems and consists of four electric motors.

With sustainable and highly-customized features, the visionary car is all set to meet the demands and requirements of its admirers. The car also incorporates a simple app that connects the personal preferences of the user with the available options on the road.

The concept offers more potential with a length of 4.15 meters and a width of 2.15 meters. The dynamic tire mechanism facilitates high-performance on and off the roads with a dimension of 850 mm.

The off-road wheels also include a sensor-controlled air pressure regulation system that can detect the condition of the roads and adjust the air pressure accordingly. The glazed-space cabins covered with polygonal shapes allow users to have a clear sight of the outside world.

The Interior:

audi ai trail

The spacious cabins with spectacular side windows and customized seating arrangements allow users to enjoy their peaceful time. From the roof to the sides and the ground floor, the glass frameworks of the car enhance visibility.

The wide compartments provide luggage space and while a compartment at the rear offers a space to keep all the dirty items like boots, towels, and wet clothes.

The whole AI-integrated concept car allows drivers to control the car through their smartphones while providing pedals and an elegant steering wheel.

Driving Experience:

The futuristic design and automated features enhance the car’s stability to greater extents allowing users to focus on their journey. The visible and spacious cabins drive emotions and an intense connection between the car and the users as they discover the natural beauty with off-road experience.

Final Outlook:

The new Audi AI TRAIL concept provides robust functional qualities with a great sense of touch to the users. It can be one of the best and unique additions in the car world due to its stability and climatic properties.

Not to mention, the elegant design with turbulent wheels speaks for the car itself. The quartet concept is worth the wait for all Audi lovers.