This all-electric solar car was announced on the 25th of June in 2019 and is scheduled to go into production at the start of 2021. The idea for this solar-power car is inspired by Solar Team Eindhoven’s solar cars for the World Solar Challenge.

This four-wheel-drive is a five-door lift-back and has a range of about 450 miles and is designed with a drag coefficient of 0.20. It is a large hatchback containing a bonnet, roof, and boot which is clad with about 5 square meter of solar panels which enables the car to be driven up to nearly 500 miles on a single charge which completely distinguishes it from your conventional plug-in electric car with only some solar cells present on the roof.

The Design:

The design work on this car is done in collaboration with the Gran Studio located in Italy. How this car is crafted clearly establishes that the brand “Light year” did not want their car to appear flashy only but to rather have the efficacy that one would expect from a car like this.

The curb weight of this car is about 13,000 kg and is meticulously built with lighter materials like carbon fiber and aluminum which in result gives us a car that has a lighter weight, consumes a lesser amount of energy and has an extraordinary range as well. Even the solar cells on the car are placed in a safety glass so strong that it can be walked on by a fully grown adult and still the glass won’t budge.

The car also has four independent motors for each of the wheels. Due to these four hub motors the Light year can keep its center of gravity low and can accurately use the turning control and manage its four-wheel-drive stability. The rearview mirrors of the car are replaced by small cameras that are located in the original position of the mirrors.

As for the interior, the company has decided to keep it simple and you will also notice a lack of infotainment system and other features that could affect the battery.

The Driving Experience:

This car is not designed to be looked at as a powerhouse of strength but rather a car that is fit for cruising on long routes and helps you save energy as well. The car offers the driver unique control with its less energy-consuming capabilities. This car also frees you from the burden of having to stop at energy stations to recharge your car. It can accommodate five adults, two of them in the front and three in back. The car can go from 0-100 km/h in a span of 10 seconds.

“The Light Year One Is the Solar Car. Lightyear is more than an ordinary car manufacturer. We are a tech company on a mission: to bring about clean mobility for everyone, everywhere. Effortless energy Powered by the sun, Lightyear One goes the distance without the charging stops.
Experience what it means to drive Lightyear One ”

Final Outlook:

The release of this Light year One will pave the way for achieving the goal of clean mobility in our future. The brand has already started taking pre-orders for the first 500 cars and the starting price is expected to be about $170,000.