The launch of an All-Electric pickup truck happened in Los Angeles, California. Elon Musk- CEO of Tesla announced the opening of its brand new Cyber Truck. Further, the company is planning to launch three versions of the truck with a range of 250, 300, and 500 miles one by one.

The price of the Cybertruck will start from $39,900. This special truck is able to withstand bullets and will be up for purchase by 2021. However, the company is taking preorders on its website. The event created a lot of hype around people as Elon Musk demonstrated the rare abilities of the truck.

The truck is claimed to be bullet-proof and it can also resist several counter-attacks made with a sledgehammer. Elon Musk is still working on the developments and stated that the cyber truck still needs to be fixed.

The Design:

The three versions of the truck will have their unique features and capabilities. The one with 250 miles of range will be a single motor vehicle with 0-60 mph in just 6.5 seconds. The other one with 300 miles of range will be a dual-motor vehicle with 0-60 mph in just 4.5 seconds. The last one with 500 miles of range will be a triple motor vehicle with 0-60 mph in just 2.9 seconds. The body of the truck is made up of stainless steel and exhibits high-strength on the roads or in life-threatening situations.

Further, it has 100 cubic feet of storage space with a payload of 3,500-pound capacity. It has a 4-inch suspension, 6.5 feet vault, and a 17-inch touchscreen. The seating arrangements will be able to accommodate six adults. However, the interior of the truck is yet to be completed.

The Driving Experience:

Musk’s idea of introducing a futuristic cyber truck is to open doors to new opportunities for the company in the future. The company wants to introduce something new to the audience each time. Therefore, they are planning to launch the dynamic cyber truck to enhance the overall sales and profits of the company.

The Cyber truck will provide a seamless and convenient experience on the roads as it’s built to protect people sitting inside. It will create a unique opportunity for people who love to play with technology and prefer an electrifying experience while being on the roads.

Final Outlook:

Currently, the launch of an electric pickup truck can make Tesla as the world’s first leaders in the development of long-range electric trucks. By 2020, several all-electric SUVs and hypercars will be launched by different brands to provide a comfortable experience to the drivers on the roads. They can give a tough competition to Tesla’s all-electric pickup trucks. However, if everything goes as per the plan of Tesla, the company will definitely shape the future of trucks in the form of cyber trucks.

Elon Musk has announced the price of these cyber trucks. The first version (250 miles) will be sold in $39,900, the second version (300 miles) will be sold in $49,900, and the last version (500 miles) will be sold in $69,900.