Rolls Royce 103EX – The Visionary Car of the Century

Rolls Royce 103EX

Rolls Royce 103EX also known as Visions Next 100 Concept is an experimental concept car designed to demonstrate the future of cars. It’s breathtakingly gorgeous and unique. The all in one supercar defines class, exquisite, and comfort in its best form.

The solid wheel covers and thin wheel arches prove a steady experience on the roads. With the ultra-modern touch of comfort and tech-elements, the inside looks like an exquisite lounge area with comfortable chairs, soft wool carpet, and wood.

Rolls ROYCE vision, in its purest form, is to create the automotive equivalent of haute couture. This is the future of luxury mobility.

The concept of Rolls Royce 103EX is by far one of the best-ever concepts in the history of automotive industry. Diving into the deep rich history of the Rolls Royce, it has always successfully managed to keep its rivals wide-awake and the entire market while introducing its best key cars time after time. The EX concept originates from the 100EX which was introduced in 2004. The experiment exhibited how a Phantom Drophead Coupe might look like. Later, 101EX created major excitement among people as it was more focused and unique than Phantom Drophead Coupe.

Rolls Royce has never left any stones un-turned. In 2009, the launch of 200EX embedded with a twin-turbo V-12 engine and combined with technology created a new spark and made more ways to create a super high-tech car-like Rolls Royce 103EX.

The Interior:

Rolls Royce 103EX Rolls Royce 103EX interior

103 EX’s design redefines aerodynamics. The swinging door opens and allows people to walk straight into the red carpet and then to the car. The spacious seats and hand-woven wool carpet create a cabin-like look.

One of the unique features of the car includes Eleanor, the virtual assistant, and chauffeur that takes care of tasks and also informs about the destination while detecting commuting inconveniences. It is a fantastic concept equipped with Artificial Technology and integrated with high-tech elements.

The Exterior:

The thin wheel arches with exquisite wheel covers add a bonus point with a touch of ecstasy. The door carries an integrated heat-compression system with 2 of the finest Rolls Royce’s umbrellas that can be dried up quickly. There’s an exclusive extra-space for the luggage that comes with Rolls Royce’s cabin luggage trolley bags.

The Driving Experience:

The prototype car can maintain safety on the roads. With Eleanor as an assistant and guide, there’s less chance of any mishaps or traffic distortions. The completely autonomous system offers relaxation and super-comfort in a high-tech environment to passengers. The unique designed wheels sum up a more smoothing car ride experience. The premium Rolls Royce’s umbrellas are great for stormy weather and rainy days.

Final Outlook:

The Rolls Royce 103EX is a concept that sweeps you away into the future and drives you into the world of fancy-looking cars. The experimental concept definitely gives competition to its rivals and enforces the mind to think about the future of automotive engineering and its ultra-luxurious ways.

If you’re a person with high-tech abilities similar to the automaker of this car, you’ll definitely like this car and take it on the roads with you. It’s just like a dream car that’s too good to be true.