Renault Trezor the most beautiful car in the world!


We all have seen how beautiful and amazing concept cars are, after BMW Vision Next 100, we saw Renault Trezor. To be honest, this is the dream car of every young guy who grew up reading comics like IronMan or Batman.

From zero to a hundred in less than 4 seconds, this baby is the best concept car out there. This car has everything, from level four autonomous build to the most beautiful body! 

You can actually see in all directions without being stopped by the side panels of any sort!

The Interior:

When the top opens, the headrests adjust themselves backwards in order for the driver to get in easily. The top has red light installed inside it and just looks glamorous at night. They have a particular reason to choose the color red as red symbolizes romance and life and they wanted to make sure that people really get the concept of the color.

It has a huge interior and it is quite adjustable as well. You can adjust the driving pedals to your height and comfort with the help of buttons. You can also adjust the headrest according to your comfort.

However, the seats are based on artificial intelligence and they automatically adjust to make you at ease. 

If there is something that amazes me the most is the screen or the panel. It tells you the usual stuff along with weather and news updates. The car is tinted red to make the romantic ambiance more viable, to make the theme look more alive. 

Since it is an electric car, so it has a huge space for your stuff, on the dashboard, you can actually have your luggage and travel along with it. 

The exterior:

With the top open-one door, this car has taken scissor doors to a whole new level. The car opens and closes in a matter of seconds. The fastest loading concept car yet to exist. If you see the front of the car, you can see an autonomous honeycomb texture on the header of the car, which is just beautiful. The wheels are of a perfect size of 22’ inches, giving the car a sleek and sporty look.

Renault Trezor is not only a concept car anymore, it is drivable and has been tested on the road and mountains several times. 

The honeycomb look is not only for the look, what it does is it intakes air for the batteries and keeps the car sane. The entire car has a carbon fibre body with a honeycomb shape making patterns around the entire body.

If you see the tail light, it has no bulb, nada. It has strings which function when the brakes are applied. They can glow from red to super red to indicate the intensity of the braking power the car is using. 

The Engine:

The car uses an electric engine which drives the car with 350 horsepower and 280 pound-feet of torque to the rear wheels. The car actually goes from 0 mph to 62 mph in less than 4 seconds.

Renault used carbon fibre body which keeps the weight minimal, to 3527 pounds. Trezor is a full functioning, ready to drive concept car. So there is no waiting for the future, the future is here!