RENAULT EZ-ULTIMO: The Splendid Autonomous Mobility Experience


Depiction of sheer French grandeur and opulence, the Renault EZ-Ultimo is a perfect reflection of aesthetics combined with top notch engineering to deliver the next level of autonomous mobility experience.

This concept car which was showcased just before the end of 2018 in Paris swept the entire viewer’s off their feet as it swirled in its all glory at the 2018 Paris Motor Show. This completely autonomous car is absolutely electric. It has an electric motor that powers the front axle. When the battery is charged fully, the autonomy range extends to about 510 km.

“The concept behind the magnificent Renault EZ-Ultimo is to provide a unique mobility experience featuring chic, interactive and tailored content. The Renault EZ-ULTIMO, the latest in the 2018 trilogy of concept-cars illustrating the future of shared mobility, is a design showcase for a premium and immersive mobility experience.  “

The exterior of Renault EZ-Ultimo is extremely tasteful and well worked through. This elegant car opens up with the help of a side door. The roof also opens from the front to help get in the car. Donning a deep black body work with tones of greens on the lower body makes the car look really appealing. While the upper body of the car shines in champagne color.

Along with that the upper body is comprised of 600 diamond-like components that look like one way mirrors. The mirrors hinder the view of the car from inside giving a complete sense of privacy and exclusivity to the passengers sitting inside. The luxury car has a capacity of three passengers.

The idea behind this epitome of luxury is to provide with a mobile lounge that can take you anywhere you want. Designed in herringbone, the wooden floor gives you the feeling of being in your living room while the sides consumed with marble band, armchair and bench, all decked up in leather and velvet in place of ordinary seats add to the lavishness and extravagance of this mobile living room.

Once you get into this masterpiece it makes you feel like being surrounded by wall and ceiling molds as supported by the structure of the interior. The materials and equipment used to manufacture this one of its kind concept car are of top quality that provide the maximum of utility with respect to automotive industry while occupying minimum of space and weight.

The concept behind the magnificent Renault EZ-Ultimo is to provide a unique mobility experience featuring chic, interactive and tailored content. Adding to the elegance, are two lamps emitting pale gold light. Another source of light directed at the wooden floor in a subtle way makes the car interior lighten up. The interior design of the car draws inspiration from the pre-Second World War era to commemorate the 120th anniversary of the Renault marquee.

The designers’ team at Renault shared the idea behind developing this concept car that it aims to tackle the biggest issue faced by urban centers of the world; traffic congestion.

This self-driven “robo-vehicle” intends to serve the passengers a luxurious riding experience for a single trip, an hour or a full day’s trip. Being a concept car as of now, the designers and engineers at Renault, however view that over the next decade or so production lines shall be rolling out cars like the Renault EZ-Ultimo.