Range Rover Futuristic Concept SUV 2021


This luxury car concept beats down the off-road ability of all the SUVs in the history as the new Range Rover SUV 2021 concept is based on a road-focused approach which allows people to experience an all-electric SUV with hybrid characteristics.

Land Rover’s futuristic car concept is a new addition in the hybrid world of electric cars. This new SUV exhibits a combination of comfort with luxury while offering a set of convenient options that defines the future of the electric SUVs in 2021 and beyond.

Land Rover has always managed to represent a classy line of automobiles while keeping the design in mind. This new vehicle has yet to confirm its official launching in the industry but it has already created a much bigger hype due to its elegant style and hybrid power.

With the launch of Range Rover Crossover 2021, Land Rover will set a new milestone while unlocking exciting opportunities next year.

According to Gerry McGovern, Design Director of Land Rover who spoke in an interview related to the car with the Auto Express, the presence of this luxury car will demonstrate the brand’s ability in a unique way in the market. He believes that if brands like Rolls Royce and Bentley can come up with a concept of an SUV, the Land Rover can also introduce a luxury car too.

Therefore, the brand plans to introduce its new lighter SUV with the name of Range Rover Crossover while extending its new production line.

Capable on- and off-road handling, combined with capability in various weather conditions help this compact SUV deliver a confident drive in challenging conditions.

What’s the Design of the Car Like?

The four-wheel-drive has a plug-in hybrid powertrain with a small electric motor and a powerful 1.5-liter engine. The exterior and interior are designed to provide maximum comfort to the people on the roads.

Electric architecture with hybrid capabilities facilitates the next-generation technology concept with fully-modified systems.

The Range Rover’s new strategy introducing in 2021 will incorporate a fully-electrical integrated system that is the key focus of the brand. Further, this new SUV will boost the image of the brand in China markets which is well-recognized for premium electric vehicles.

The intuitive and innovative optional Range Rover Evoque technologies include Land Rover InControl® Touch™ Pro Duo16, a 12.3″ Interactive Driver Display, Head-Up Display1 and Meridian™ Audio.

What would be an All-electric SUV Experience like?

The new SUV model is ready to make its debut with 14 refined models in 2020 and 16 models in 2021 as announced by the JLR brothers. The audience can expect a comfortable off-road experience with all the luxuries and unique features in the next year.

Next in the line is the hybrid Defender and the company expects to introduce valuable additions in the world of cars from 2021 and onwards.

The continuation of our design philosophy. With its distinctive coupe-like silhouette, the Range Rover Evoque is a compelling successor to the vehicle that captured hearts all over the world.

Final Outlook:

This new Range Rover Crossover 2021 with auto-engineered concepts and mild-hybrid powertrains will provide an off-road performance during an on-road experience.

It will arrive next year shortly with limited production units while generating proper sales revenue in 2021 and ahead.

So, if you’re planning to buy a new SUV soon, this cool futuristic car concept along with a light-hybrid system will enhance your driving experience and is worth the wait.