Peugeot’s E-Legend – The Electric Concept Car From The Future

Peugeot e-legend

Driver or No Driver- This is the brand new Peugeot’s E-Legend car concept that gives full authority to the drivers to choose between the autonomous and normal mode according to their mood.  The electric car concept of E-Legend was first launched at the Paris Motor Show. The design reflects the Peugeot 504 coupe and gives it a more aggressive look similar to Ford’s Mustang GT.

Peugeot has made a promising future with the introduction of this electric car. It could become one of the most wanted electric cars in the world as it has a unique touch with a blend of highly-efficient technology that sets it apart from the rest of the car brands. This cool concept car is a fully autonomous and fully electric vehicle.

The car comprises of four driving modes. The steering wheel opens up and retracts itself into the dashboard in the autonomous mode. The soft mode allows the car to keep the distractions to a minimum while the legend mode is the normal driving mode followed with an edge of excitement in the boost mode.

Boredom is clearly not part of the Peugeot brand’s DNA, autonomous does not mean monotonous, and energy transition will not erase 120 years of automotive history. Peugeot is proud to announce the e-LEGEND CONCEPT.

The Exterior:

Peugeot E-Legend has a full retro-style body that entitles class and ecstasy as it owns it. The electrical doors are followed with a touch screen that incorporates smart technology to open and close the doors by just pressing the three lines on the screen while a voice assistant allows the driver to operate the system in autonomous mode.

The Interior:

The interior is exquisite with enhanced features and modern controlling systems. Everything inside the car is super-electrical and technology-enabled. The sound and navigation systems are integrated together to follow the instructions clearly.

Peugeot E-Legend contains 16 screens overall. The car has a 49-inch widescreen and a 12-inch screen too. The driver can watch a movie or listen to their favorite music while the car drives it through the given instructions.

The Driving Experience:

The car has great on-road and off-road capabilities. It can cover 0-100 km/h within four seconds with a range of 370. It also has a fast-charging process that charges up to 80 percent in just 25 minutes.

Since the design has a great style with multiple advanced features, it makes the experience more thrilling and worthwhile on the roads. With four driving modes as the legend (default mode), boost, soft, and autonomous modes, the driver can enjoy a diversified and unique experience.

The Final Outlook:

The concept of the car is visionary as it excites the crowd and adventure-seekers. It’s like an old-chase car displayed in the movies that drive curiosity in people and encourages them to try out the awesome experience by themselves.

However, the car is still in its development phase and requires further speculations for the future.

So, if you’re planning to try a four-mode fully-electric car with strong presence and high-tech capabilities, you need to wait for this concept car to make its actual selling debut so the world can drive the future encompassed in a retro-style car too.