Nissan Introduced Juke Personalisation Adventure 2019


Nissan have introduced its brand-new ‘Juke Personalisation Experience’ principle ahead of following years Tokyo Auto show. This is definitely one for the journey and winter months enthusiast as it comes with 4 different storage tank motivated tracks. Perfect for snow and ice driving.

“Juke Personalization Adventure’ concept will come with AWD and a significant torque upgrade”

The cars and truck taken is undoubtedly the well despised Nissan Juke however it does not look nearly as bad with 4 tracks underneath it and much bigger flared wheel arcs, also the color scheme isn’t too bad. The roof covering shelf additionally just makes it that step colder, let’s be truthful.

Nissan Juke Personalization Experience

Technical specs about the car have actually not been exposed by Nissan right now but we do know that the ‘Juke Personalization Experience‘ principle will include AWD as well as a significant torque upgrade. This is absolutely ideal for a snowy winter season’s day yet then additionally terrific for a muddy summers day. It can do everything.

We do not know what the indoor appear like yet but I am wishing for a simple practical style one to provide it a much more sturdy look. Nothing fancy, just sensible.

However, this isn’t the first time a Juke has been made great. A few of you might remember the Juke Nismo RSnow which was an outright snow sled tool. Nissan fitted 370 kg BOSS Track Systems snow tracks, made small alterations to the front and also back bumpers, and reprogrammed the car’s torque-vectoring AWD system, resulting in a monster.

Engineers tested the Juke Nismo RSnow in Lapland as well as discovered it can greater than 50 mph in Arctic conditions around -30 degrees. However it simply doesn’t look like the new concept with much larger wheel arcs.