Mercedes-Maybach G-650 Landaulet – Experience the G-Class Ultra-Luxury Vehicle

Mercedes- Maybach G-650 Landaulet

The name Maybach defines class and extravagance like never before. It’s more or less like a legacy that will live on as a story for new generations to come. The G-Class Landaulet represents style and luxury in a high-tech environment while also takes you on a smooth off-road ride. The evolution of G-Class dates back to 1979 labeling it as a classic cult off-road vehicle with a unique style and extreme potential. With reinventions and renovations, the G-Class redefines itself as leader of automotive engineering with the launch of Landaulet, a G-Class vehicle with exceptional off-road capabilities.

Mercedes- Maybach G-650 Landaulet

Maybach G-650 Landaulet provides a majestic ride experience beyond the wilderness with the breath-taking view of the blue sky. This unique ride is a blend of off-roader and chauffeur saloon, best combination for extroverts and explorers. Landaulet is a masterpiece with a V12 engine and exclusive features. This smooth G-Class ride demonstrates maximum comfort on the roads and an open-air experience.

The Exterior:

Mercedes- Maybach G-650 Landaulet

The exterior is impressive with large wheel-arch flares. The G650 is 5345 mm long and 2235 mm tall with a V12 BITURBO engine and the portal axles 4×42 from G-500. The rear passengers can enjoy a wonderful view by pressing a button that folds the rooftop electrically and let the travelers see the view of the beautiful sky.

The Interior:

The front and the rear seats are divided through a glass partition and go from transparent to opaque with the touch of a button. The spacious seats with comfortable seating options enable passengers to have a first-class experience while resting their calves. The multi-adjustable seats offer massage programs for tired travelers.

Mercedes- Maybach G-650 Landaulet

The business console attaches itself with folding chairs and thermal cup holders. There are integrated buttons for opening and closing the glass partition behind the cup holders. The leather table tops enable users to use notebooks and tablets. The small wind deflector at the back keeps the buster at a minimum. The front area of the cup holders possesses a rear air-conditioning option for the rear passengers. The back of the glass partition is attached to a cross-member which incorporates entertainment system and media displays for the passenger at the back.

The Driving Experience:

Mercedes- Maybach G-650 Landaulet

The G-icon demonstrates great functionality and comfort for an off-road experience. The G-650 Landaulet attracts a lot of attention both on and off-road as compared to previous models. It can overcome even huge obstacles with style. It is a blend of unique technology, high-quality off-road functions, and a powerful engine.

Final Outlook:

Maybach G-650 Landaulet

The ultra-luxury and high-standard, Landaulet is a rare combination of elegance and power. Its production is limited to 99 units only all over the world which makes it more distinctive and desirable. From all the G-Class vehicles, this new G-650 stands out the most as it offers exquisite functions with high-tech automated functionality. Though it’s expensive but it’s market-competitive.

If you want to enjoy the beautiful scenery, catch the beautiful clouds, and get an off-road experience, Maybach G-650 Landaulet offers everything within your fingertips. So, go for it!