If there’s one thing to know about the German automobile brand Mercedez-Benz,  it is that the brand loves showing off. Keeping this tradition of boasting about their brand’s abilities alive, the brand recently debuted their newly developed concept car, the Vision EQ Silver Arrow at the Monterey Car Week in California which now joins the list of breathtaking concepts that the brand releases every year.

This concept car serves as a throwback to the brand’s silver arrows primetime during the 1930s.It also commemorates the brands 1937  released W 125  race car which was back in the day deemed as the fastest land vehicle to travel on a public road. The  EQ Silver Arrow is also slightly inspired by the aforementioned car.

“Over 80 years ago, the historic Silver Arrows demonstrated that Mercedes-Benz was a pioneer when it came to speed thanks, among other things, to their streamlined shape,” says Gorden Wagener, Chief Design Officer at Daimler AG. “The Vision EQ Silver Arrow draws on that legacy. Intended for acceleration and driving pleasure, it embodies Progressive Luxury and provides an insight into the future of our design. As a result, the show car drives the design idiom of our new EQ product and technology brand to the top.”

The Design:

This single-seater, electric concept’s car design could be described as lanky. This 5.3 meters long and one-meter shallow concept car is super clean and seamless with no lines at all. There is an open cockpit with roofs that come down around you. The front headlights are framed by LED lighting. There is further blue lighting that beautifully emphasizes the car’s side skirts.

You can also spot the presence of a single-band taillight at the back. This car’s structure is made up of carbon fiber which is painted alubeam silver. There are 168  total wheel spokes, which are painted rose gold and are made of lightweight aluminum and are wrapped in Pirelli. The Pirelli tires are embossed with a decorative star pattern. There are also trim pieces that extend over the wheels.

The Luxurious EQ silver consists of a wide interior which you can view when the cockpit is folded forwards. The seats and the steering wheel are made of saddle brown leather which is 100% genuine. You can easily spot the usage of polished aluminum throughout the interior. There is also the usage of solid walnut and darker coniferous wood pinstripes on the floor.

On the other hand, there is also a panoramic display screen that provides a smooth user experience with its high-tech innovative techniques such as large projection and its out of the box gaming feature.

You can also change the sound mode of the engine and there is also the cool GPS feature. The sidewalls of the interior are painted grey suede to match the exterior paint.

The EQ brand is shaped by the avant-garde, distinct aesthetic of Progressive Luxury. This arises from the combination of a previously unknown beauty, the conscious clash of digital and analogue elements as well as the seamless merging of intuitive and physical design.

Driving Experience:

The interior of this concept car is made with the purpose to provide the utmost comfort to the driver with its four-point seatbelt that holds the driver securely in position. The pedals are adjustable to the driver’s height and can be adjusted with a controller that is located on the seats.

This concept car also proves to be very user-friendly with its virtual features,  such as the availability of a touchpad on the steering wheel.

 Final Outlook:

This fully electric concept car has capabilities that are just as breathtaking as it looks with an acceleration that shoots to 0-60 under 2 seconds and a horsepower of 738HP. Also, the fact that it is a fully functioning concept car that can be driven further adds to its uniqueness.

The brand with this concept car has given a sneak peek to the costumers as to what the brand has in store for them in the distant future.