The lotus Elise cup 250 Bathurst Edition is a highly exclusive Australia-only limited edition that is manufactured to celebrate the success of Australia for being the sixth largest market worldwide for lotus in 2019.

The Lotus Elise has been in the market since ages, but is still able to come up with awe-inspiring new models that do not fail to attract customer attention from all across the globe.

When they say they have given great importance to the exclusivity of this car they really stick to this statement by only producing 6 units of the Bathurst Edition in totality.

Lotus Elise Cup 250 Bathurst–side

The Elise Cup 250’s cabin invites drivers to settle into the carbon race seats and feel the embrace of black Alcantara® with contrast red or yellow stitching. The trim design is carried through to the door panels and face-level vents, complementing the exposed aluminium elements.

Interior options include an Alcantara® trimmed steering wheel, leather or tartan trim packs. Additional weight saving carbon fibre options include face-level vents (-0.3kg), HVAC surrounds (-0.1kg), and sill covers (-0.8kg).

The Design:

Bathurst Edition exterior features the Monaco White paint, which was last used in the version that was featured in the James Bond movie “The spy who loved me (1977),” making it more eye catching and car junkies cannot stop themselves from being mesmerized by its beautiful exterior.

Lotus Elise Cup 250 Bathurst–outsidefront

A beautiful white color is plastered on its hardtop, front access panel and roll hoop cover; a perfect contrast is made by giving it black rear alloy wheels 16–inch front and 17-inch back.

It also gives an elegant addition with the red wing on the back. Furthermore, ‘Bathurst Map’ badging and a numbered plate provides finishing touches that complete the overall look.

Apart from the exterior, the interior has been specially designed to highlight its carbon-fiber race seats and red interior with unique floor mats.

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These design features not only give an exemplary driving experience but also compliment the exterior to make it more distinguishable and appealing.

Two special plates have been placed on the passenger-side dashboard which give a nod to the person who created this specific model of the car in England while the second plate indicates the specific model number of each of the special edition Elise Cup 250.

Lotus Elise Cup 250 Bathurst–inside

The Driving Experience:

When driving this amazing car, people feel a sense of thrill and wonder. It gives the drivers an experience of luxury and the latest automotive technology evolves the normal driving experience from a routine task to something of an adventure.

Final Outlook:

Though the Lotus Elise is an extraordinary car, it’s not the speediest one ever. Another thing to keep in mind is that they had portrayed great exclusivity but even then, only six cars is a really small number for the amount of people supporting it.

Furthermore, the cost of shipping it from Australia is far higher for a person to afford with addition of the original car price.

“Lotus Cars Australia has built a strong enthusiast and track day community, and our Lotus-only Bathurst days are the centerpiece,” said Lee Knappett, Lotus Cars Australia’s managing director.

There is some room for improvement for the Lotus Elise but all in all the car gives a very fun and exhilarating experience to its drivers. When driving this supercar it makes you feel like a James Bond character straight out of the movies.