DS X E-Tense- the implausible visionary sports car for 2035

DS X E-Tense

Designed by DS Automobiles the incredible DS X E-Tense concept car gives a glimpse of what an astounding sports car might appear as in 2035. Basically a Formula E engine incorporated with a sidecar, DS X E-Tense is everything you can ever dream of.

“A car that’s as ‘light as a feather’ and as ‘silent as a breeze’, forged by its creators’ vision, for people who are passionate about cars. A dream come true. fOR ITS FIRST EXCURSION, DS X-TENSE MET  “LA PATROUILLE DE FRANCE. “

Powered by a 200 kw electric motor in the front, the car brags its active suspension and ride-height optimization. The batteries of the car are fitted at the back while the chassis is built of carbon fiber. Its compact design and durable electric motors make it simply amazing.

However the uniqueness of this car lies in the fact that it features autonomous riding along with the excitement of driving a sports car yourself. Isn’t that super cool?

DS X E-Tense

DS X E-Tense unique headlights called the DS Light Veil are sure to grab your attention. The diamond shaped 1500 LED lights stretch over the front and rear of the car. The DS design director, Thierry Metroz foresees headlight display and production in this manner in the future. Instead of the traditional lights attached at the front of the car, the whole body of the car will be illuminated with lights with different colors and levels if brightness.

The distinctively designed asymmetrical concept car showcases an open-top like a racer’s cockpit where you can set yourself to speed around the town flashing the most incredible thing ever. With a handy steering wheel and a huge Swarovski crystal look-alike instrument display the cockpit trimmed in hues of blue is a racer’s biggest fantasy. The car is designed to seat three passengers in it.

Along with that, it has an exclusive pretentious cocoon that marks highest level of French grandeur and opulence where you can sit back most comfortably and experience an aura of pure luxury. The cocoon unleashes in ultimate style through a glass door. Only French people know how to surpass ranks of luxury as depicted by this DS creation. The headrest of the cocoon is ornamented with blue and red goose feathers adding to the magical sensuality of the cocoon. How about having a nice cup of steaming hot coffee as you ride in this blissful cocoon? The teams at DS Automobiles have thought over this as well as you can reach out for a Nespresso machine nestled under the armrest. Imagine enjoying your cup of coffee while the plush leather passenger seat helps you relax as it converts into a massager. Enchanting!

While the interior hints at the Flinstone family with intricate wooden work, the floor touching your feet is an electrochromatic glass one, letting you watch the road beneath you as you flash around. Bright red interior adds to the elegance. Engraved in laser, the wooden dashboard encloses a high powered sound bar built by Focal so you can enjoy some melodious tunes while sipping your coffee.

The French automakers have certainly impressed the car fanatics with this masterpiece. We are looking forward to witnessing additions to the production line inspired from this exclusive super electric concept car.