BMW Vision Next 100 car

BMW Vision Next 100 car

Simply consider this one your driving companion and your intelligent co-pilot. Artificial Intelligence take a step further to what our future might look like. Future can be overwhelming, but is our future really going to filled with science and beautiful cars?

Don’t worry, we are not talking about the Batmobile or some other cartoon style car, this is the reality, this is BMW Vision Next 100! 

The fully-autonomous Ease Mode: The easiest drive a vehicle can provide, it makes sure you arrive at your destination safely and also keeps you updated about your routes and the car’s condition throughout the drive.”

It goes beyond the number of displays on the interior of cars, its entire windscreen serves as a display. It’s like Iron Man came to life, you can edit, program, rewire your car if you know the dynamics. Every issue, the entire map, everything you dreamed of, will be displayed on your windscreen like some cool sci-fi movies. 

BMW Vision Next 100 car

Do you see that bit of a diamond in the center of the dashboard, that changes color, red when you decide to drive it and white when it is on autopilot. This car has level 4 autonomy, which means it can completely drive on its own and also switch to driving mode when you feel like driving. 

It also has very attractive steering wheel, which goes inside the panel when you press the BMW logo, meaning that it will drive on its own. When you want to drive it, just press the button again, the steering will come out and the road is all yours. 

As beautiful as it is from the inside, there is a lot to talk about the exterior of the car. The car has a unique design and color, which is inspired from a beehive. It has been designed on live geometry, meaning that the wheels expand and contract as you steer. Which is completely beautiful! Its sports dynamic wheel arches help in low energy consumption on straight-line routes by being completely closed and can move in and out whenever the car turns. 

BMW Vision Next 100 car outer

The vehicle has unreal intelligence since it can get to know its driver in order to provide them quick assistance. The vehicle lets the driver know about all possible dangers on the routes beforehand.

Although the windscreen display updates about all possible driving dangers but other than that, the top of the vehicle’s dashboard has a mosaic of sensor-activated triangles which can immediately help the driver to react to certain dangers quickly. Reflective glass will provide the driver their privacy and also decrease the interior heating by 30%. 

It has 2 driving experiences, one is the boost mode and the other is the ease mode and these modes can be shifted simply by touching the BMW logo on the steering wheel. Boost mode is for a more thrilling driving experience whereas ease mode is more of a relaxed driving experience. 

“welcome to the future”

BMW Vision Next 100 car

The vehicle’s stream-lined body design optimizes aerodynamics and provides low drag of only 0.18 cw. The interior finishing are 100% free of leather. The interior finishing are composed of ecologically efficient materials because they are printable mono-materials.