BMW Vision M NEXT – The Car That Breathes!


Many of us dream of self driving cars, which will be the future of our world, but do we think about the kind of people who love to drive a car?

Specially the manually driving, racing enthusiasts have been raising this question on multiple platforms that they want something worth the while in their future.

BMW has finally released the 600 horsepower mid-engine SUPER-CAR which will be the epitome for the M series!

Well, the wait is over since BMW has answered all their prayers! The BMW Vision M Next is a car which breathes and is designed for driving. The car is inspired from previous models of BMW – The i8, the M1 and the BMW Turbo. The elegant design looks much like the i8 model, however, many features, for example, the color is borrowed from Turbo and much more.

The Exterior of BMW Vision M NEXT

Let’s talk about the color combination first, the bright orange, which comes from the Turbo, which the designers have perfectly inclined with its shape. There’s a line that divides the orange from the silver, which for me is the most beautiful thing about this car. We can also see the carbon fibre used in this car, which adds to the beauty of the car. 

The front of the car reminds us of every typical BMW model, giving the car a familiar look, since it belongs to the BMW family. As we see closely, we don’t have the space for air in this model at the front, rather they have embossed the BMW logo on the glass. The front wheels are of 21’ inches and the back wheels are of 22’ inches each, giving it a sporty look. 

We can also see the three flats borrowed from the M1 at the rear body, which were open in M1 and closed in this model. The car is designed for the drivers of the future since most of the concept cars are autonomous and this isn’t. Another thing that I love about this car are the i8 doors and how they have encapsulated so much energy and thought for the comfort of the driver. 

The Interior

BMW has touched hearts with this design and how the car has minimal consumption of leather into its making. The only leather we can find in this car is on the steering wheel, which was somehow necessary for the grip. Talking about the interior of this car, the seats are extra comfortable. Since they remember the shape of you and adjust accordingly. The interior has all the perks that we can think of, a glass holder, which shakes on its own to keep the liquid inside the container and what not. 

The steering panel senses your heart rate when you hold it and displays it on the screens. It shows you the driving modes, if you want to go sporty or just drive home calmly from work, this car has it all! 

I just love the fact that BMW gave so much thought into this model and actually used recycled synthetic carbon fibre while making the body so elegant. If you haven’t looked at this car been driven around, it is about time you watched it online!

The car completely runs on battery and has no sound, in fact BMW hired the famous Oscar winning director Hans Zimmer to compose the sound of this car. How crazy is that? You can actually program the sound of your car, the sound that you drive to work with. That can change or lighten up your mood instantly. This is just ingenious of BMW!