The Acura is a premium brand of Honda and has been around since 1989 producing vehicles like the NSX, the Acura legend, the RSX, the integra. Acura is doing something really amazing, they are rethinking their direction and going with this precision performance and definitely with the new NSX the people are getting it all.

The Exterior:

Overall design has not changed from the previous one just the introduction of the new color was something drastically different. Acura has taken inspiration from its previous cars and used them in the new NSX.

2021 Acura NSX Type R

You can see the LED jewel light design and stylish open grill area at the front. The lower lip extension has some carbon fiber elements into it. On the rear, you get the admirable Acura badge with two functional vents on top.

This car is different from the original as we get the V6 turbo but it is also a hybrid setup so the electric motors will control the front wheels and the twin-turbo V6 with 577 horsepower driving the rear wheels.

When talking about the wheels, it has the dark gunmetal grey color 19-inch wheel with carbon ceramic brake package, also has a two-piece rotor fully drilled and ventilated.

The ceramic brake technology was introduced by formula one back in the day, and now it is used in almost every new car. On the upfront of the wheels you have a 245 on the width, 35 series sidewall that is going to help to quicken up the steering because these carbon ceramic brakes are not only going to stop more efficiently and better but also that rotating mass is going to help you steer a lot better.

With these particular wheels you have the Brembo calipers painted in black with the NSX bagging.

The Interior:

2021 Acura NSX Type R

Looking into the interior, they have used leather and Alcantara material, 9 speed automatic transmissions. The seats are amazing and extremely comfortable for the long rides, you will not feel your muscles tensing and straining in this car but you will feel extremely relaxed. The interior is very eye-catching and makes your driving experience a lot better than what it was.

The Driving Experience:

This car gives the driver a very different driving experience that most super cars cannot do. For once, it has a quiet mode which will allow you to drive the car with no sound at all. This feature can be very handy and useful when you are driving to your work early in the morning and do not want to wake up the whole street with the noise. The big windows and front glass make you feel really comfortable instead of making you feel claustrophobic.

“A USEFUL LENS FOR EXAMINING NSX is the principle of Interwoven Dynamics; it’s the theme of balanced integration found in every aspect of the car. It reveres its past, but is imminently future-forward; equally at home on open roads and on the track; unabashedly beautiful and meticulously engineered. Ultimately, it’s a New Sports eXperience that can only be called NSX.”

Final Outlook:

The Honda Acura NSX is a uniquely impressive car, with features that allow you to experience a feeling that is out of this world. The exhilaration and confidence this car gives you is very commendable and appreciable. You not only drive this car but also are transformed into a new and better version of yourself.