The new Audi RSQ8 is not revealed yet but it has set records as the fastest SUV. Audi has been continuously busy in releasing new Audi Sport-back. This edition is completely Fast among all the previous ones. The complete details of this car have not been disclosed but it is the latest new edition in the German car maker’s establishing portfolio. Its standards are clearly view-able by its RS badge.

Interior and Exterior Design:

If we talk about the wheels then it has come up to 0.4 inches flared which give it a smooth ravishing stance. One more perk is that it is competing with the Urus in a plus SUV Category. They both relate somehow.

“RS Q8 will lap the Nürburgring in a time of 7:42.253, which is a record for production SUVs, and has a video to prove it. ”

Now the thing to ponder about is the engine which is available with the twin turbocharged 4.0- liter V8 with hybrid assist. It gives 590 pound-feet of Torque from as low as 2,200 rpm all the way to 4,500 rpm. This is shorter than the seven seat Audi Q7.

Moreover, the combination of wiser electronics and mechanical bits acting between the two halves of stabilizers on front axes and rear axles. It has gotten its hands on tight and twisty roads to give its riders a shaking ride.

Other than this you will find a belt alternator starter motor attached to the crankshaft between the V of the motor. It allows less wastage of gas.

Driving Experience:

As it has been already told that it’s a fast racing car. If we talk about the driving experience, then it’s the best automatic transmission driving all four wheels by a permanent Quattro AWD system with a mechanical system with a mechanical differential.

The RS Q8 is also available with all-wheel steering to further enhance handling and stability. The seats are fully comfortable and add massage feature to its functions.

Moreover, it can be customized easily. It even comes with an electronic tailgate to automatically open the rear door when carrying shopping bags or sporting equipment.

Since the Q8 is still an SUV to the core, though, everything just feels bigger and roomier compared to the RS6 Avant, which is already a fairly practical and spacious vehicle to begin with.

Audi opted to make adaptive air suspension with RS-specific dampers standard on all RS Q8, and using the Audi drive select system, the ride height can be raised or lowered at your behest.

With standard 22-inch wheels or optional 23-inch rollers, the RS Q8 is best utilized over asphalt, particularly the long and swooping kind. As a side note, if you’re going to opt for the 23-inch wheels, you might as well check the box for the ceramic brakes, black optic, and carbon optic exterior packages.


It is highly recommended car if you want to have a fast racing beauty car. If you have money that this car would be best for you. More than this, this car features are yet to come with more excited updates in next few months.